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Answer this asap 11. 12. The energies of activation for forward and reverse reaction + B 2ABare 180 kJ movi and 200 kJ movi respectively. The presence of cataly'st lowers the activation energy of both (forward and reverse) reactions by 100 kJ molA The enthalpy change of the reaction (A, + B —i 2AB) in the presence of catalysi will be (in kJ mol t). (a)300 (c) 280 (2001) (b) 120 (d) 20 17. 18. Rate ofa reaction can be expressed by Arrhenius equation _ E RT this eauation. E represents (2006)

Because activation energy of both, forward and backward reactions, will decrease by the same number.....their difference (ie the enthalpy change) will remain the same. Which is 20
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