Answer this. C. Question

Answer this. C. Question same force is applied on an object of mass 24 kg, how much will be the acceleration? (Ans: 48 N, 2 m/s2) c) A bullet having a mass of 10 g and moving with u speed of 1.5 m/s, penetrates a thick wooden plank of mass 90 g. The plank was initially at rest. The bullet gets embedded in the plank and beth raove together. Detern-;ine their 0.15 m;'s)

the mass of bullet= 10g=0.01kg
velocity of bullet=1.5m/s
mass of plank=90g=0.09kg
Total momentum before collision= mass of plank into velocity
According to law of conservation of momentum,
total momentum before collision=total momentum after collision
0.015kg m/s=0.1 v kg m/s
Thus, velocity acquired by the plank and the bullet=0.15m/s.

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