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Q. In India, we have shortage of electricity. Electricity is being produced by hydel power, nuclear power, thermal power, gas power, etc. Which source like wind energy, tidal energy, solar energy is being used to some extent to generate power. Solar energy can be converted into electricity by special type of substances called photovoltaic material. Use of CFC' and LED" lamps can also save lot of electricity.
1. Name one photovoltaic material.
2. Why is solar power generation better than conventional way of generating power? Give one reason.
3. Why is solar power not very popular in India?
4. What are the value associated with above passage?

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1. Cadmium Telluride2. Solar energy is an inexhaustible source of energy. It can never be over and so it is a conventional way of generating power. 3. Solar power is expensive. Therefore, it is less popular.4. The values associated are social awareness, environment concern and promoting the idea of sustainable development.

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