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Answer this plz TABLE 13.1 Fill in the Columns 2 and 3 this to highlight the differences between C3 and C, Plants Characteristics Cell type in which the Calvin cycle takes place Cell type in which the initial carboxylation reaction occurs How many cell types does the leaf have that fix 002. Which is the primary C02 acceptor of carbons in the primary C02 acceptor Which is the primary C02 fixation product No. of carbons in the primary C02 fixation product the plant have RuBisCO? the plant have PEP Case? ch cells in the plant have Rubisco? C02 fixation rate under high light conditions Whether photorespiration is present at low light intensities Whether photorespiration is t at high light intensities Whether photorespiration would be present at low C02 concentrations ether' photorespiration would be t at high COO concentrations perature optimum Examples Cs Plants C, Plants Choose from Mesophyll/Bundle sheath/both Mesophyll/Bundle sheath /both n.vo: Bundle sheath and mesophyll One: Mesophyll Three: Bundle sheath, palisade, spongr mesophyll RuBP/PEP/PGA 5/4/3 PGA/OAA/RuBP/PEP 3/4/5 Yes/ No/ Not always Yes/N0/N0t always Mesophyll/ Bundle sheath [none L.ow/ high/ medium High/ negligible/ sometimes High/ negligible/ sometimes High / negligible/ sometimeS High / negligible / sometimes 30-40 C/20-25C/above 40 C Cut vertical sections of leaves of different plants and observe under the microscope for Kranz anatomy and list them in the appropriate

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          C3                                                         C4
1. Mesophyll cell                            Bundle sheath cell.
2. Mesophyll cell                            Mesophyll cell.
3. One: mesophyll                          Two: mesophyll and bundle sheath cells.
4. RuBP                                          PEP
5. 5 carbon                                     3 carbon.
6. PGA,                                          OAA
7. 3 carbon                                     4 carbon.
8. Yes                                             Yes
9. Yes                                             Yes.
10. Mesophyll cell                        Bundle sheath cell.
11. Low                                         High.
12. Sometimes                              Negligible.
13. High                                        Negligible.
14. High                                        Negligible.
15. Sometimes                              Negligible.
16. 20-25 C                                  30-40 C  

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