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Animal models such as Drosophila Melanogaster, E.coli, etc. allow scientists to study different mechanisms of developmental biology. They help in avoiding ethical issues that come with human models.

D. Melanogaster is a potential model organism because of the following reasons:
  • Short lifespan- A large number of flies to be produced within a short period. An adult fly only takes 10 days to develop after fertilization.
  • Minimum requirements for culturing- Drosophila is a very small creature and thus, it is easy to maintain. Due to their small size, a large number of Drosophila can be raised and tested in a small laboratory without much requirement of funding.
  • Genetic manipulation- D.melanogaster has only four pairs of chromosomes. They are ideal for genetic studies as their genes could be mapped easily to investigate genetic transmission.
  • Anatomical features- The features of Drosophila such as wings and eyes act as genetic markers. They can be easily identified under a microscope.
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