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Centrioles are small organelle which are made up of proteins called tubulin. Centriole consist of microtubules (made up of tubulin protein) in 9+3 arrangements. Three mictrotubules (triplets) are repeated nine times arranged circularly forming 9+3 arrangements. Centrioles are found in most eukaryotes. Centrioles helps in the organization of spindle fibre during mitotic and meiotic cell division. Centriole replicates during interphase therefore a pair of centrioles perpendicular to each other is found  in the centrosome(consisting of  two centrioles and pericentriolar material. 
Cilia and flagella structure consist of  cylindrical array of 9 filaments and a pair of single microtubule forming 9+2 structure.
9 radial spoke is present in eukaryotic cilia and flagella which is multi unit protein structure. Pair of microtubule is surrounded by single central sheath.
Hence option 4 is correct as it it radial spoke which is common in both.


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