2a.What a strong argument she gave!-exclamatory sentence
b.Communication is an important skill.-assertive sentence
c.Pull the fan cord on to the switch.-Imperative sentence

3a. not known.
​b.Had they visited the castle before?
c.They are making noise.
d.What a tradegy that was!

4a.The spectators burst into laughter at the scene of the clown.
b.I often think of my happy days of my childhood.

Please check these answers according to questions and also give the answer of no.3 a positively.


Dear Student,
Given below are the answers to your question.

2. a. correct
    b. assertive
    c. Pull the cord to switch on the fan - Imperative

3. a. I can bear this pain.
     b. Have they visited the castle before?
    c. correct
   d. correct

4. a. laughter, sight
b. childhood

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Thank you.   

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you are correct 
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