answers  along with thi  roshini  thomas mam i want the he q. u send for my speech which the opposition can ask  ​

1. How can any system  trim down the burden or stress of studies from students?

Any change or alteration in system is an attempt to change the bigger picture. In the same manner, CCE is a small step in achieving a change in the educational patterns.

2.The focus is on academics, how then can you say 'other merits apart from academics'? Justify
Academics is not only dependent on books or learning. It consists of many other features and components. These are referred to 'other merits'. These other merits also influence the learning process of students, as students are also talents in different fields.

3.Do you think this is a feasible plan?
Yes, it is a feasible plan because it will help students to focus on different aspects. As a result of this, it will attract the attention of the student and teaching bodies and therefore, it is a feasible plan.

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