Anyone can tell me howto cunsruct a triangle by making some arc??

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Please find below the solution to the asked query :

Consider the following example.

Suppose we have to draw a triangle XYZ, in which XY = 6 cm; YZ = 7 cm; XZ = 5 cm.

Here is the answer.

Given: In XYZ, XY= 6 cm, YZ=7 cm and XZ=5 cmTo construct: XYZSteps of construction:1. Draw a line segment XY=6 cm.2. With X as centre and radius 5 cm, draw an arc.3. Again, with Y as centre and radius 7 cm, draw another arc to cut the arcof step 2 at point Z.4. Join XZ and YZ.Hence, XYZ is the required triangle.

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