Appearence are depective. elaborate this point with reference to Ausable character in Mid Night Visitor. In 100-150 words

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Ausable is nothing like the characters we read in detective stories and books. Nor is he like the heroes of James Bond films. Ausable is an exception. The young writer Fowler is disappointed after meeting Ausable. Ausable does not fit any description of a secret agent. He is fat and sloppy. His room is rather small and that too on the sixth floor. However, appearances are generally deceptive. Ausable proves that presence of mind and intelligence are more powerful than a gun.

Presence of mind and intelligence are the assets of Ausable. His sharp reaction, particularly to a dangerous situation, is very quick and thorough. When he finds crafty Max in the room with a pistol in his hand, he at once understands the purpose of his visit. The rival secret agent who has come to take away the important report that concerns with some new missiles must be outwitted and defeated in his own game. Ausable cooks up the stories of the balcony and the police so convincingly, that Max falls into his trap. While there is no balcony below the window of his room, the knockings at the door are not of the police but the
waiter. The confused and unnerved Max jumps out of the window in desperation. Thus, through his presence of mind and intelligence, Ausable proves himself more powerful than a gun.


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