applications and examples of isotopes an isobars ?

Isotopes: (Have same atomic no.but different atomic masses) Examples are ->

Hydrogen ; 1H,2H ,3H , Carbon ; C-12 and C-14

Chlorine : Cl-35, Cl-37 ,

Uranium isotopes:  U-235 , U-238

Uses: 1. Carbon isotopes are used in carbon dating to determine the life span of organism.

2. Uranium isotopes are used in nuclear reactors as the source of energy.

3. Cobalt isotopes are used in cancer treatment while Iodine isotopes are used in treatment of Goiter .

And there are many more uses of isotopes in chemical and physical techniques like NMR, ESR spectrum etc.

Isobars: (Have different atomic no. but same atomic masses) examples are :

1) 18Ar40 and 19K40  2)  32Ce76 and 34Se76  3).26Fe58 and 27Ni58 etc

Uses: They are basically used in Meteorology and weather maps.

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Applications of isotope...

  1. *An isotope of uranium is used as the fuel in nuclear reacters.
  2. *An isotope of cobalt is used for the treatment of cancer.
  3. *An isotope of iodine is used for the treatment of goitre.
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Isotopes are those element which have same atomic numbers but different atomic masses.
Example- Hydrogen has three isotopes, namely, protium, deuterium and tritium
Isobars are those elements which have same atomic mass but different atomic number.
Example- Calcium and Argon

Applications:isotope of uranium is used as a fuel in nuclear reactors

isotope of cobalt is used in treatment of cancer

isotope of iodine is used in treatment of goitre


Isobars are areas of equal barometric pressure. The most obvious scientific application is in meteorology.

Using the weather map example, if you could connect points of equal pressure with a line, you would have an isobar line, which could easily identify how that pressure was distributed. If you had a whole bunch of lines identifying various pressures, you would have an isobar map.

The interesting about an isobar map, the closer the isobars are bunched together, the windier it is in that area. In areas where isobars are way far apart, there will be almost no wind.

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