Are celebs respensible for the prducts they endorse? Using your own ideas , write a debate speech for or against the topic.(about 150-200 words)

A very goodmorning to respected jury, my freinds and my fellow opponents. Today i will speak in the motion. Yes, i believe celebrities play a vital role in selling a product. Celebrity is as important as the ISI mark in electronic goods as it leaves behind a good impression of the product. My fellow opponent just pointed that quality can defeat the personalities. But, As soon as we enter a shop, we choose pepsi over coca cola not beacause it tastes better or is more upgraded but because of it's brand ambassador 'salman khan'. Amitabh bachan performing in an advertisement would be much more tempting and eye catchy as compared to an unknown model performing the same advertisement.
(A few more points)
Thank you.
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