​Are celebs responsible for the products they endorse? Taking a cue from the headlines given below and using your own ideas, write a debate speech for or against the topic. (about 150-200 words) Amitabh Bachchan steps back from promoting Pepsi after a school girl questions the health impact of the drink. Brief ban on Maggi noodles causes trouble for its celebrity Brand ambassadors 10 M.S. Dhoni quits as Amrapali brand ambassador after Twitter furore

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Today’s debate is on the topic “Are celebrities responsible for the products they endorse?”  I believe they are.
In a country like India, most celebrities enjoy a demi-god status. Often, people end up buying things because their favourite celebrity recommends it, especially in the categories of food & beverages and skin care. The public tend to believe that these products are used personally by the endorsers and hence put more faith in them.
Public figures have an ethical obligation towards those who follow them; they ought to have some accountability to the public. The Federal Trade Commission of the US has laid down some endorsement guidelines for celebrities. Among other things, it says the endorsement has to represent the accurate experience and opinion of the endorser. This means that only if a celebrity is fully convinced about the product’s safety and other features, should they be ready to recommend it to the public. Hence, celebrities are obliged to do adequate background checks on the products or be ready to use them on themselves before they agree to appear in commercials etc. Of course, it isn’t possible for a celebrity, who is technically not part of the company, to delve too deeply into the scientific aspects of a product - manufacturing processes, quality of ingredients used etc. They may lack the technical knowledge to understand it. A basic research of what they endorse is what is required, so that they propagate products to the public that they themselves can use. It isn’t fair to collect crores as remuneration and not bother about the effect on the people.
If and when complaints arise against such endorsed products, perhaps, it is unfair to pull celebrities into court cases etc. simply because they endorsed it, unless of course, there is evidence that they were aware of problems and sought to keep quiet about it. Yet, the need for awareness on the side of the celebrity should be considered essential before signing up for commercials and other promotions.
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