Are disposable containers good and hygienic

Dear Student ,

Disposal container are single-use plastic food service packaging provides a sanitary way to serve fresh food at schools, restaurants, hospitals, nursing homes, cafeterias even at home. They are good as well as bad.
Reusable cups, dishes, plates, utensils, place mats, table coverings and other products require copious amounts of water and energy to clean, time and time again. Plastic food service packaging conserves these important resources and allows our schools and hospitals to save the water, energy, detergents – and money and labour – required to sanitise reusable. are the cleanest, most efficient way to provide for those needs. Its sterility also helps preserve foods to keep them fresh for days or even weeks longer than they would without plastic packaging. Plastics require less resources to create than other materials.
When the hot things are wrapped they can react and produce toxicity in food.
Plastic are not environment friendly.


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