are sols of metals hydrophillic or hydrophobic.please explain.

The terms hydrophilic and hydrophobic are used for those sols in which water is the dispersion medium. Metals (and even their sulphides) usually form lyophobic sols (that is liquid repelling). Unlike substances like gum, gelatin, starch which form lyophilic colloids, metals when simply mixed with the dispersion medium do not form the colloidal sol. Their colloidal sols can be prepared only by special methods like double decomposition, oxidation, electrical disintegration etc. Such sols are called lyophobic sols.


Thus metals form lyophobic sols. If water is used as a dispersion medium in the preparation of sols of metals, then we should expect these sols to be hydrophobic. 

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According to  electrochemical series....  the sol of metals above hydrogen.... should be hydrophilic as all the metals above hydrogen are soluble in always there are a few execptions  but the metals below hydrogen should  be hydrophobic.... as  to dissolve them in water some heating iz required.....  and other methods in some cases also.....

hope it helps... :))

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