Q.Prove that the Area of Triangle whose vertices are (t,t-2),(t+2,t+2) and (t+3,t) is independent of t.  Pls tell me what is the meaning of independent of t.

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What does independent of t means
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Given three points are (t, t-2) , (t+2, t+2) and (t+3, t)

use formula of traingle form of co-ordinate geometry .

area of traingle =1/2 {x1 (y2-y3)+x2 (y3-y1)+x3(y1-y2)}

ar of triangle=1/2 {t (t+2-t)+(t+2)(t-t+2)+(t+3 (t-2-t-2)}
=1/2 {2t +2t +4 -4t -12}
=1/2 {-8}
but here mention only magnitude of area of triangle so , area of traingle =4 sq unit 
you see in area of triangle not depend upon t

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