Arrange in the increasing order of acidity
1 H2O , H2S ,H2Se , H2Te

2 SiH4 , PH3, H2S, HCL

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1. H2O < H2S < H2Se < H2Te
  Te is a largest atom among the 16th group elements hence, H2Te bond is longest and hence it's bond is weakest. Hence it will    easily release H+ as compared to other, followed by H2Se then by H2S and at last H2O.
2. SiH < PH3 < H2S < HCl
   All the elements with H atom are second third period element. The acidic strength increases because of increase in polarity of E- H bond from Si-H to Cl-H which is due to increase in electonegativity of E.

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  H2Te > H2Se > H2S > H2O                  

HCl > H2S > PH3 > SiH4

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