arrange the following in order of their location from periphery to centre in dicot
fusiform cells

pls explain their meaning and function as well

Dear student, The arrangement is Trichoblasts , Collocytes, Fusiform cells and Tyloses, from periphery to centre in dicots. Trichoblasts are the precursors of the cells of the root hairs and hence they are also called as root hair cells present at the utmost periphery of the dicot plants. Collocytes are the cells of the collenchyma tissue.They are elongated living cells with huge vacuole in cytoplasm.Thus, the location of the collenchyma is inside to the trichoblasts and hence comes at second position after trichoblasts. The vascular cambium is made up of two types of cells called as fusiform initials and ray initials. The fusiform cells differentiate to form secondary xylem and phloem. Tyloses are extensions of parenchymatous cells which protrude these extensions into conducting cells of xylem. HOPE THIS HELPS. REGARDS!!

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