Arrange the follwing words in correct order for a meaningful sentence :

i) comesfrom/ the / most of/ flavour / its/ of / aroma / food.

i ) grew up / ofthe / amidst / Siddharth / pleasure / the / at / royal court /


i i) measured / intensity / in / decibel/ Noise / is/ units.

iv) and / eased up / tourist /study / visas/ has/ America / for Indians.

v) high levels/ contains/ and sugar / of/ junk food /fat /salt.

vi) On adequate / and / depands/ preparation / indomitable / success/


vi )Amendment Bil 2006 / passed / the juvenile / on / Justice /August 8, 2006 / The Parliament.

vi i) West Bengal­ Bhutan / The technical/ are / at / network / the / currently

/ an / railway / advanced stage /studies/ for

ix)Assoon as/ arrested / the / were / terror / suspects/ plot / al the / and

/ wasthwarted. x) unaffected / the 2004 / was/ jawa island / by / tsumani

xi) because of/ Delhi / earthquakes/ itslocatons/ prone to / is. xi ) debate / is not / or a / test / group / formal/ discussion / discussion / a

xi i) to save / the working / the counsel ors/ couples/ should / regularly /

their marriage / consult.

xiv) major / cotton / the textile /shortage of/ a / industry / is/ good quality


xv) to / al /should be / schools/ these students/ transferred / English

medium/ other.

xvi) to generate / sincere / in the / the Govt. /rural areas/ make / efforts/

should / employment.

xvi )should be / al the / in bad / residents/ of/ condition / The / buildings

/ notices/served.

xvi i) to meet /regularly /India / requirements/ its/ the sugar / imports.

xix) between / countries/ taking place / water wars/ developing / are /


xx) its approval/ The Union / sixth / gave / for the / of/ pay commission /

cabinet / seting up / the.

xxi) NewDelhi /India /fair / inaugurated / International/ Education / the /

on / 45th / July 15, 2006, / was/ in .

xxi ) widely/ in / English / India / one / language / ofthe / spoken / is/ most.

xxi i) growing / ofthe / India / economies/rapidly / is/ of/ one / world / the

xxiv) to oversee / beter / the state / steps/ seting up / the / take / infrastructure

/should / active / of

xxv)slaves/ have / machines/ modern gadgets/ made / us/ to.

The answer could be...
i) Most of the flavour of food comes from its aroma.
ii) Siddharth grew up amidst the pleasure of the royal court at Kapilvastu.
iii) Noise intensity is measured in units decibel.
iv) America has eased up visas and tourist study for Indians.
v) Junk food contains high levels of fat, salt and sugar.
vi) Success depends on adequate preparation and indomitable determination.
vii) The Parliament Justice passed the juvenile Amendment Bill 2006 on  August 8,2006.
viii) The technical studies for an advanced stage railway network are currently at the West Bengal Bhutan.
ix) As soon as the suspects were arrested and plot all the terror was thwarted.
x) Jawa island was unaffected by the 2004 tsunami.
xi) Delhi is prone to earthquakes because of its location.
xii) Formal discussion is not a debate, group discussion or a test.
xiii) The counsellors should regularly consult the working couples to save their marriage.
xiv) The textile industry is facing a major shortage of good quality cotton.
xv) All these students should be transferred to other English medium schools.
xvi) The Govt. shout make sincere efforts to generate employment in the rural areas.
xvii) All the residents of buildings in bad condition should be served the notices.
xviii) India regularly imports the sugar to meet its requirements.
xix) Water wars are taking place between many developing countries.
xx) The Union cabinet gave its approval for the setting up of the sixth pay commission.
xxi) The 45th International Education fair was inaugurated in New Delhi, India on July 15, 2006.
xxii) English is one of the most widely spoken language in India.
xxiii) India is one of the rapidly growing economies of the world.
xxiv) The state should take steps to oversee the better setting up of active infrastructure.
xxv) Modern gadgets have made us slaves to machines.

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to generate / sincere / in the / the government ruler areas /make /efforts/should/employment
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The last lesson
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grew up/of the/amidst
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1.The flavor of food most of comes from its aroma
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