article in english on celebrating navratri  in different parts of india in 100-120 words.please fast

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The Diversity of Navaratri 
- Navaratri literally translates to nine nights. 
- It is dedicated to the Goddess Durga, Saraswati and Lakshmi; but this varies from state to state.
- In Tamil Nadu, 3 days are dedicated to each of the three Goddesses. People celebrate by inviting their friends and family into their house and exchanging gifts.
- The ritual of Golu, is also practised in Tamil Nadu where small decorated dolls are put on display in the living room. 
- In Kerla, Navaratri is associated with education and importance is given to the Goddess Saraswati. 
- Karnataka's celebrations are similar to Tamil Nadu, but without Golu. On the tenth day, people march elephants out on the streets and exhibitions are held all over the state. 
- As we head to North India, we find that dancing is a part of the festivities, especially in places like Gujarat. 
- Though the festivities vary from state to state, they all seem to have one thing in common - the enthusiasm with which they celebrate the nine days. 


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Navratri festival is celebrated in the Northern part of India amostly Northern part of India the meaning of Navratri is Nagar 9 night and 9days night it is there skin full form of Navratri in Navratri the Saraswati Tech nine the Goddess who don't we don't know takes 9 form and use blessings today and we get lyrics from the CEO oratory is a good festival was celebrated every year sorry I can give this much only
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