article on advantages and problems faced by a farmer/trader who grows/sells  pulses

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Pulses that turn to be the pulse of the farmers
  • Pulses have always remained an integral part of the diet of the Indian population.
  • The dependance of the people on these to derive nutrition and goodness are sadly not easily available in the Indian markets.
  • It is said that pulses are one of  the healthiest food that can be consumed by people of all age groups, starting from a six month old baby.
  • One of the interesting fact is that India, over the decades, had remained the largest producer, importer as well as consumer of pulses.
  • Advantages of growing and selling the pulses
    • its rich health features and the demand in the country for these grains.
    • there is a continuous demand for these.
    • decreased growing rates encourage the farmers to take up the cultivation of pulses.
  • However there are many disadvantages associated with the growing and selling of pulses.
    • The rice- wheat crop rotation in many states have led to the depletion of soil and water resources at a surprisingly large rate.
    • As the import rates have declined, India needs to find alternative methods for mass production of pulses.
  • Thus, pulses that have been a reason for profit for the Indian farmers, is to be sustained and brought back to the market in large quantities, thereby capturing the Indian and foreign markets with the sale of these.

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