Article on "Animals can express a better loyalty human." [Around 100-150 words]

Dear student
The following question tests your creativity and should be attempted on your own. However here are a few useful hints.

- Humans are complex beings with feelings of greed, jealousy and hatred.
- When we take this into consideration, it is no surprise that animals are more loyal than humans themselves.
- An animal’s main concern is to feed itself.
- An animal can be tamed, simply by feeding it for several days to gain its trust.
- But to gain the trust of a fellow human being is quite difficult.
- An animal does not care about material things like housing, clothes, jobs and money.
- With more needs, humans tend to be a lot less honest and therefore a lot less loyal when compared to animals.
- For an animal, every day is a survival. It does not care for material things because the only thing it cares for is its own life.
- When we feed the animal, we satisfy its only need and thus gain its loyalty easily.
- We must learn to appreciate life the way they do, free of material distractions.
- Live simple, and live happy.


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