article on how people are generally exploited by the rich in about 120-150 words .. atleast give hints

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The following question tests your creativity and should be attempted on your own. However, here are a few useful hints. 

- In many corrupt societies, we find that the rich have equal participation in the corrupt activities. 
- There is not one rich person, who has not evaded taxes. 
- Sometimes they are also involved in illegal trafficking of drugs. 
- Hence it is not a surprise that they are also responsible for the exploitation of the poor. 
- The rich often employ the extremely poor in constructing their buildings, and at the end of construction fail to pay what has been promised. 
- The poor cannot even fight against the rich as the rich have access to the services of thugs. 
- By avoiding tax payment, they are not contributing to the welfare of the nation. 
- Instead, the poor and middle class earners are taxed heavily to get the money the rich are not paying. 
- Some examples of such fraudulent behaviour is the famous 2g spectrum scam, common wealth games scam and the Satyam scam. 
- The Government must do more in order to stop such corrupt activities.


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