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Aastha Goyal , asked a question
Subject: English , asked on 15/12/13

article on increasing crime in delhi

Michelle Antonette , added an answer, on 21/1/13
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It is not a issue for present. It is coming from past but with increasing trend. Crime although related to theft, pick pocketing, bag snatching, crime against foreigners, taxi scams, rape and sexual assault against foreign tourist, bribes, evasion of tax and exchange controls, embezzlement, cyber crimes, illegal drug trade, domestic violence, Dowry, sexual harassment and many more increasing rapidly....... The crime & the list of crime both are increasing. One one hand we are saying that we are growing aggressively on other hand we have no answer for increasing crime rate. We have just one excuse that it is due to corruption nothing else. But it means we are not living in independent country. I am just taking an example of very small crime; theft or fraud. If someone lost his valuable good then it means it will never come back. Even police official refused to provide assurance to the person. It means no fear presence in the mind of thieves which will leads to open crime or increment in crime. I do not think that thieves are not traceable but police has not time to think for small crimes/cases. All this conclude that crime is not controllable if it is then POLICE, GOVT. are responsible. If crime is not controllable by Govt or police then no other responsible only "We Are Responsible". We haven't time to discuss on topic, to provide idea to govt, Even Govt is formed by us. We are using CORRUPTION word, but if we go in deep then again WE ARE RESPONSIBLE for it also......

I am not saying that crime in India is increasing than other countries but why in India? We have culture, tradition, knowledge,awareness more than other, i believe. And i am supporting this side because Police, Govt already fail to control the crime rate in India. So we are responsible because we are living in democratic country where everything is run by us or by our representatives. we made a conception in our mind that fraud, theft, or any crime is usually held in India & we just ignore them due to lack of time. Because we feel that we are too busy & why we waste our time on these things. we are professionals, it is the work of police. But this thinking encourage/leads to crime. I am 100% sure that police can't control the crime alone. Because there are many factors - (1)  Manpower - police men are not adequate to handle all the cases as more than 2-3 new cases will be allocated to each police man on daily basis. (2)  Expense  - If we talk about a small theft then the cost of investigating is more than the value of goods. it is also a major factor in the mind of police man. (3)  Time  - Although i have discussed about the time provided to police man to solve the problem is very low. Due to rapidly coming new cases. (4) Awareness  - We are not aware about it. Even if we saw a crime happened in front of us we will not try to communicate due to wastage of time. AND many more reasons.... to be continued with possible solution.... However your opinions counts..

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Shivaraadhya , added an answer, on 15/12/13
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I apologize if i had made any mistake inthis article.


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Shivaraadhya , added an answer, on 15/12/13
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Delhi is the capital of India. And with the growing development of Delhi the crime rate has also grown.

Crime is crime, may be the happenings are one in number or be more. So commenting this that a double murder does not reflect the overall crime situation in Delhi is not an argument.

The city where today anyone can reach in his car or vehicle directly to the prime minister home gate, the city where today even the PM is in the range of people so how we can imagine that a common person will not come in the range of criminals

Everyday we come to hear that somewhere in Delhi, murder has been done, a girl or a lady has been raped, childrens are kidnapped, or some people sexually harass girls and ladies. Whats this all going on. The story doesnt ends here. A large number of exploitation, which we cant come to know through media, is done of girls and working ladies who have to travel through transport daily for their destinations, a large no. Of cheap methods are used by the people to harass them. This is only due to the weakness of the police that those people know that police will not do anything with them.

The crime rate is increasing with the speed more than the development speed of our economy.

Today no one is safe in Delhi, importantly females. Delhi has become the next destination of underworld and terrorists after mumbai.

Moreover for the crime rate we can say " the person who has everything in Delhi today, is more unsafe in Delhi"


With Delhi maintaining lead as the crime capital of the country, experts attribute lack of resources, police-criminal nexus and slow judicial process as some of the reasons behind the rising crime graph.

The Union Home Ministry, in its latest study, has listed Delhi as on the top in incidents of crime in the country for the fifth consecutive year.

"The main reason for the increasing crime graph is primarily absence of resources and attitude of keeping figures low," says retired super cop Kiran Bedi.

Social activist Swami Agnivesh says, social and economic disparity coupled with "nexus between criminals and police" along with a "slow judicial process" act as a catalyst in increasing crime graph.

"Delhi has become a 'mayanagri' of artificial development. There is a huge gap between the rich and the poor. About one-third of the city population lives in slums. They live in inhuman conditions devoid of any basic amenities. In these inhuman conditions crime flourishes," says the Swami.

The latest report of the National Crime Records Bureauby the Union Home Ministry says Delhi occupies the top slot for almost all violent crimes, including murder, rape, dowry death, molestation, kidnapping and abduction.

Psychiatrist Samir Parekh agrees with Swami. "Owing to the vast socio-economic disparity, there is an aggression among the people. This aggression has not properly been dealt with which results in the growth of criminal psychology among the masses," he says.

"Also, people have become habituated with crime. Owing to the slow judicial process, there develops a feeling where a criminal think that he/she can easily get away with after committing a crime," says Parekh. The NCRB study reveals the streets of Delhi cannot really be considered safe for a midnight stroll.

As many as 53,244 criminal cases, including 467 murders, 581 rapes, 1,764 dacoity and other heinous crimes, were registered in Delhi during the year.

The cases of attempted murders also rose by 1.22 per cent in 2007 from 493 to 499.

The NCRB report says India has earned the dubious distinction of being the country where maximum number of murders take place in the world.

According to the report, in 2006-07 India recorded 32,719 incidences of murder. The numbers in the US was 16,692 murders and 9,631 in Pakistan.

The report also reveals that of the people arrested in rape cases, 340 were neighbours, 94 were friends and 62 were relatives. Only in 10 cases, the accused were strangers.

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Jasmine Kapahi , Meritnation Expert added an answer, on 16/12/13

Such questions need to be attempted on your own to test your creative writing skills. However, these points might help you elaborate:

  1. increasing crime
  2. impact of western culture
  3. bad impact of TV
  4. crime and violence being shown in the movies
  5. increasing competition and the peer pressure
  6. cyber crime

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gufranraza786... , added an answer, on 23/1/13
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