Article on indian democracy and young voters

The Indian youth is soon turning out to be a responsible part of the population, which wishes to see a change in the governance. The youth is not scared of voicing its opinion and it is not scared of bearing the consequences which come later. The youth is also aware that it has responsibilities when it comes to the nation and that nobody else but they could save the country which might soon be in a crisis. Understanding the current situation, there is a major role of the youth in the Indian democracy, given the freedom to work the way they want to, the youth can change or rather transform the way our country functions, here’s how-

1. Decision making – The youngsters even though regarded as impulsive and frivolous, have the knack of making a wise decision in the time of need. The youngsters have this ability to detach themselves from the scenario and make a decision based on the third person perspective. They are courageous, so they don’t care about what will follow until they are sure of their decision. They are passionate, so they think about the bigger picture and they decide based on what good it will bring to the whole nation, and not just themselves. They are also unconventional thinkers, so their strategies can pose a serious challenge to the thoughts of anybody who doesn’t think rationally and reasonably.

2. Running in the campaign – Another role that the youth can take over is by running in the campaign and becoming the change that they wish to see in the country. The youth with its refreshing ideas and courage is capable of a lot more than what our current leaders are providing. Giving a chance to the youth to lead the country would be a welcome change and this change could be sustained under the following and leadership of like minded people. There are lesser chances of conflict of interest of the population and the leadership and that would push the country on to the road to prosperity.

3. Voting – Another possible change that can be brought in the Indian democracy by the youth is when they realize the power that they have in their hands. In every general election a massive part of the votes come from the youth and some of them are the first time voters. In 2014, 150 million new voters were added to the electoral list. The power of this number and the decision making ability of the youth combined is capable of showing a new era to the Indian democracy as and when the youth wants.

4. Social media – Various things like the social media and other ways of conveying one’s thoughts are emerging to be a very important part of the Indian democracy. Through social media various leaders try to put forth an image of themselves, which might help the voters in deciding if they are capable leaders or not. Similarly, the youth doesn’t shy from putting in front their ideas about the various nominees and political parties which forms the popular opinion about the people contesting in the elections.

Thus, if the youth starts exercising its full power, then it can easily take over the Indian democracy and change it over till it becomes completely unrecognizable. The youth today, is already miffed with the governance given the bans and the inadequacy of their actions and when the time is right, it will come out and leave no stone unturned to start a new era of Indian politics. This act will change the way the world perceives India and will bring a new leadership, a new stability and a refreshing change in the Indian democracy.

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