Article on negative impact of movies on young minds

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Movies were made in order to entertain the public & to make them aware of the real world. But today the basic concept has been misused. Movies do more harm than good on the young minds. Nowadays movies are made for adults only & when the young children see them they gain maturity at a very early age & generally they make severe mistakes this way. Again, certain hollywood movies are very scary & violent & their impact is so severe that children also become violent resulting in losing temper & can commit some criminal activities. At a very delicate age when they should concentrate on their studies, they waste their time watching movies & score badly in their exams. There are some very naked scenes in holywood movies & they have a very bad impact on the children. They tend to forget indian culture & adopt western culture & thus they ruin their future.
However there are certain educational & family movies which teach children the moral values & make them aware of the indian culture & inculcates the morale within them. So children should be strictly prohibited from watching movies . There are certain child movies which are meant for them only. Parents should take care about their wards & guide them the right way by not allowing them to watch movies

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