Article on Obesity: A Curse

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  • Obesity has taken the shape of a worrying phenomena in recent times.
  • It is a lifestyle disease that has become a global problem.
  • In this medical condition, so much fat gets accumulated that poses a threat to the health of the person.
  • Obesity is related to intake of excessive food and lack of physical work or exercise.
  • Sometimes, it can be caused by genetic disorders or diseases related to endocrine glands.
  • Technological advancement has also contributed to obesity as physical labour has been replaced by machines.
  • Obesity can lead to heart disease, diabetes, cancer, sleep disorders etc.
  • Children who have become couch potatoes and indulge their fancy for junk food are at a higher risk of becoming obese. 
  • Obesity can be treated by dieting, exercising, medicine and in some cases, through surgery.
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