article or speech on ''health hazard caused by junk food''.plz 

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This is an article on health hazard caused by junk food. Junk foods are very much popular among the people now days. Because of its accessibility, cost and taste, it makes themselves popular. But the hazards of junk food are also very high. Cholesterol, Obesity, Diabetics, High B.P are some of the results caused by the junk foods. Though people do not recognize the cause, they just get addicted to these foods.

One of the reasons for the addiction of junk foods is the busy schedules of parents. When parents find no time to cook food in their house, due to their jobs, naturally children as well as the adults get attracted to these junk foods.

Junk really means ?RUBBISH?. And so, are we eating ?Rubbish

Foods?? Considering the ingredients, mostly every doctor suggests his patients not to eat them, but to have fresh fruits and vegetables.

Now-days many companies produce packed foods which are really harmful to a body, if the body doesn?t do much exercise. Mostly in every packed food, there are high fat, sugar etc... , which affects the body badly. There will be no nutritional values for many of them and only benefit an in-taker feel in those foods is its taste. Skin problems like pimples occur because of excess in take of oil. The junk foods are mostly prepared by oils which may not be suitable for one?s body type.

There are many cases which reports obesity found in small age groups. it causes severe effects in one's life. Eating while watching TV can increase the intake of foods and it can surely damage the body. There is no problem in eating foods, which guarantee you about its nutritional values.

One can have those snacks but one must not get addicted to it, as it cause many troubles, which are mentioned above.

?Prevention is better than cure?.

Hope it helps.
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Junk food affects our health so much,we should avoid eating junk food which harms our health
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article or essay?
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Foods like pizza , burger, french fries , cold drinks , etc are called junk foods. They are very harmful for our body. This type of food do not have the right proportion of nutrients for us to stay healthy. These provide us with only fats that gets stored in our bodies and cause many diseases. Junk food will always make us obese which is a state far from healthy. Obesity causes diseases like hypertension, diabetes, etc. The fat that our bodies absorb from these junk food if gets stored around the region of our heart may cause cholesterol which in turn can cause heart attack. These junk food are just disguised poison for our body. Although we all like to eat junk food;but it is not good for body. It may be good to our tongue but it is not good for the rest of the body. As we already know that "all that glitters is not gold!" And in this context we can say,all that is tasty is not nutritious
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