As a member of society you must be interacting with and in different groups. How do you see these groups from a sociological perspective?

(Within different groups)

We interact with different groups in our daily lives. The students of a classroom form a social group of that class and an individual (you) is a part of that group.

The individual has some of the classmates as his/her friends and this group of friends forms the primary group where interaction takes place with intimacy and co-operation while the rest of the class forms the secondary group.

The group of students of the class sharing common interest and ideas interact with each other in a formal manner. The friends of the individual from the class also shares common interests and ideas but with informal ways of interaction.

(In different groups)

An individual also interacts with the students association which forms a secondary group based on specific goals. The individual discusses his/her school problems with the members of these groups and the members help him/her.

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