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as a narrator write an article on love faith and trust that you've learnt from the lesson "the two gentlemen of verona"

plz help its urgent!!

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Tragedies and adversities either bring out the

best or the worst among people. They prove to be great
testing times which end up in glory or disaster. The bitter
and indomitable struggle of Nicola and Jacopo, amidst the
ravages of war, takes on epic proportions. Like the two
gentlemen of Shakespeare’s play, the two boys depict great
maturity, wisdom and faith in the invincibility of human
spirit. The die-hard nature of Nicola and Jacopo changes
the lives of people around them, with their vibrant spark
of humanity.
The two boys not only create a home to survive from
the rubble but pitch in their best efforts to sustain their
sister Lucia, who had contracted tuberculosis. Their
intrinsic vitality, zest for work encourages them to take up
any work that is available—shining shoes, selling
newspapers and fruits or escorting the tourists for
sightseeing. They don’t mind eating black bread or figs, or
wearing torn clothes because they are only singlemindedly focussed upon their sister’s treatment. The boys
never resort to any kind of emotional blackmail or charity
to provide for their sister. Their dignity and perseverance
shows their extreme faith in their own ability to provide
for their sister’s medical treatment.
So, the relentless struggle of the two boys offers a
kaleidoscopic view of love, tenderness, wisdom and trust,
which even a catastrophic war failed to crush.
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