as a teenager himanshu often wonders about the contradiction he faces as a kid. his parents sometimes treat him as a kid and sometimes as the grown up man.confused by social demand and parential and teachers pressure along with peer pressure, he wishes to write the article for the magazine......plz plz plz answer or give me the idea

Since this is creativity based question that can improve your writing skills, so we advise you to attempt it of your own. However, following few points might give you an idea of framing the answer after elaborating the same.

  • A change in the psychology and an innovative creative bent of mind among the new generation.
  • Parents always treat their children as kids and underestimate sometimes their creative skills.
  • One should be given freedom to the fullest in order to utilise his/her maximum inherent potential.
  • Suppressing of youth by parents, teachers and other social members dampen and inhibit their gifted creative and learning potential.
  • The lessons can be learnt even from young so we cannot ignore or under estimate them only because they have less experience and wisdom.
  • Add some more points yourself.

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