As in dna hybridisation we see for how close two dna strand to each other then why in Dna hybridisation technique most important tool is dna probe rather dna sequence machine is also requried na to check how close they are please explain

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DNA hybridisation is a molecular biology technique in which single strands of DNA from two different sources (either two plant or two animal species) are allowed to anneal together to form a hybrid double stranded DNA. These complementary strands are bonded together by hydrogen bonds. After DNA hybridisation, scientists compare and analyse identical or related sequences of DNA molecules by examining complementary base pairs in the hybrid DNA. If two species are closely related, the number of complementary base pairs will be greater. So we can say that the degree of genetic similarity is directly proportional to the  number of complementary base pairs formed.
DNA hybridisation technique is involved in analysing genetic similarity between organism and thus helps in establishing phylogenetic relationship between organism by constructing phylogenetic tree.
DNA sequencing is the modern technique to determine similarity between organism by knowing the exact sequence of the organism and comparing the sequence with genome of other organism. Therefore DNA sequencing replaces DNA hybridisation technique but it is still in use in determining the genetic distance in identifying microorganism like bacteria.


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