*Assignment 2:*
write notes on the following
Financial markets
Capital markets
Money markets
Equity market
Debt market
Commodity derivatives markets?
Marks -25

1. Financial Market - they are the places where buying and selling of bonds, shares, derivatives take place. It deals in the assets or stock that are listed on exchanges or over the counter. Recession and unemployment occurs when financial market fails.
2. Capital market - It is the market where trading in  long term securities are done. The major participants of capital markets are financial institution, banks , foreign investors public etc.
3. Money market - It is the market that deals in the short term securities, whose maturity period is less than a year. The main participants are Financial institution and finance companies.
4. Equity market - It is the market where shares are listed and traded through exchanges or over the counter market.
5. Debt market - It is the market where loan instrument are traded. There os no physical exchange for bonds. they give fixed and low return to the investor.
6. Commodity derivatives markets - It is the market that trade in commodities  and for which no need to invest with the company that 
trade in it. Commodity derivatives trade in future, forward and options.

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