Assume that your Exams are starting next week and your neighbourplays such loud music that it disturbs anddistracts you! Write a letter to the neighbour requesting him to play his music a little softer!


You would be following an informal pattern for this letter. Here is a body of the letter.


Dear Sir,


It seems that you are an avid music lover. I too have learnt music and appreciate it as a source of entertainment. However, I would be very obliged if you could please lower the volume of the music from today. 


Actually, I stay just next to your building and on the same floor as yours. My board exams are commencing from next week. I really find it hard to concentrate with so loud music every evening. I would be very grateful if you could please understand my situation and keep the volume low. 


Once I am done with my exams, I would personally come to thank you for this immense favor. Thanking you once again,




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