at 0k the kinetic energy of a gas becomes 0 i.e. the velocity of the gas becomes 0. at this moment the molecular mootion ceases. can this temperature be attained by physical means? if we get these then wat happens to the gas? will it get converted into a bose-einstien condonsate


          0 K is sometimes also referred to as "THE ABSOLUTE ZERO".It can't be reached by any of the physical means.(Because of the laws of Quantum Mechanics and Thermodynamics,which we'll study about later on,don't worry.) If we,somehow, get to this temperature,as you said,there will be no movement of atoms,molecules etc. There will be no Kinetic Energy among them,and yes,it will reach the Bose-Einstien Condensate,as it does if we try to get as much close to the absolute zero as we can.

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thanks for ur fantastic xplanation for this questions and also for that ideal gas equation one. thankx a lot
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You're Welcome! :)
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