At the time of diastole, heart is filled with
(a) Mixed blood
(b) Venous blood
(c) Deoxygenated blood
(d) Oxygenated blood. Explain the answers in detail.

Dear Student,

Option (B) is Correct.
Diastole is the relaxation of Ventricles i.e. when ventricles are not contracting. In this period the blood flows from left Atrium to Left ventricle and Right Atrium to Right ventricle passively. Also, the Blood flows through the Atrioventricular Valve ( valve that separated Atria and Ventricle ) 
Venous Blood is received to the Right Atrium from Superior and Inferior Vena Cava. Oxygenated Blood is received to the Left Atrium from Lungs through Pulmonary Veins that enters Left Atrium. 


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