at what temperature the r.m.s speed of N2 will be tripled and K.E will be 4 times .

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vrms= 3RTM and K.E. = 32RT
For calculating temperature at which rms speed is tripled , we assume that T1 is the initial temp at which rms speed is v1 and T2 is the temp. at which rms speed is tripled .
v13v1= 3RT1 M ×M3RT213= T1T2T2 = 9T1
So, the temp. will be 9 times the initial temp. to triple the rms speed.
Now, to increase the K.E. 4 times of initial ; similarly
KE14 KE1= 3 RT12×23 RT214=T1T2T2 = 4T1
Thus to increase K.E. 4 times temperature should also be the 4 times of initial temperature.


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