(b) 'And wrinkled lip, and sneer of cold command,
tell that its sculptor well those passions read'
i. Who is uttering these words? 
ii. Identify the lesson and the author. 
iii. List out figure of speech employed in the first line. 
iv. Explain the lines of this extract.

1)the traveller
2)lesson-Ozymandias Poet-P.B shelley
3)alliteration of the letter 'c' in cold command.
4)these lines tell us about the scornful,inhospitable and cold expressions displayes by the conceited,arrogant and haughty king Ozymandias.it tells us about the skill and talent of the sculptor who studied the emotions of Ozymandias well and depicted it in the statue with great precision.

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3) its ans can also be symbolism because the facial expressions of frown,wrinkled lip and cold sneer are symbolic of cruelty and discontent
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