B4) Find the errors in the sentences and write the correct ones in the blank provided. 3
Commonwealth golden medalist Heena (a)_________
Sidhu used to watch its uncle repair (b)_________
Each kinds of guns in her neighbourhood (c)__________
And developed a fancy for it. And in (d)__________
2006, where she took up shooting her (e)__________
Family members didn?t think she should (f)__________
Win awards and make her country proud.
B5) Unscramble the words and make meaningful sentences
(a) are a/ Indian temples/ Indian art/ store house of
(b) essential part/ form an/ the sculpture and painting/ temple architecture/ of the
(c)Konark temple/ the/ in Odhisa/ is situated
B6) Give below is a set of instructions to be followed by a person suffering from influenza. Complete the paragraph that follows by writing appropriate answers.
(i) Avoid milk and milk products
(ii) Make a decoction of about ten mint leaves in a cup of water
(iii) Add a tea spoon of honey before drinking it at bed time
(iv) Keep a cut onion by the side of the bed to inhale
(v) Take a salad prepared from the radish twice a day
Milk and milk products are to be avoided. The decoction of about (a)______ in a cup of water. A teaspoon of (b)______ before it is drunk at bed time. A cut onion (c)______ so that it can be inhaled. A salad prepared (d)______ a day.
B7) Use the notes given below to complete the following paragraph.
Jaipur ? the pink city ? popularly known ? located ? 262 km. from Delhi ? derives its name ? founder ? Sawai Jai Singh II ? encircled by a formidable wall ? constructed 1727 AD ? 284 year ? retain strong Rajputana flavor ? old world charm.
Jaipur (a)_____ as the Pink City. It (b) ____ 262 kms from Delhi. Jaipur (c) _____ from its founder, the astronomer king Sawai Jai Singh II. It (d) _____ by a formidable wall. It (e) _____ in 727 AD and even 284 years after it was founded, all through. Jaipur (f) _____ strong Rajputana flavor and old world charm.

Dear Student,
The answers to the last two questions are provided here. The first two are already answered in the previous thread.

a) ten mint leaves is to be made
b) honey has to be added
c) is to be kept by the side of the bed
d) from the radish is to be taken twice

a) is popularly known 
b) is located
c) derives its name
d) is encircled
e) was constructed
f) still retains


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