Based on your understanding of the passage, answer four questions given below:

(i) What does the line. 'oceans turn. irreversibly into a thin soup of
plastic, suggest ?

(ii) What step can be taken to combat the challenges of plastic waste
management ? What will be its impact ?

(iii) With reference to the graph, write one conclusion that can be drawn
about the production of plastics in 2019 (approximately).

(iv) What does the upward trend of the graph indicate?



i)  It means that there is a lot of plastic floating in the oceans. 
ii) Ten states of India are sending their plastic collected waste to cement plants for co-processing, 12 other states are using plastic waste for polymer bitumen road construction and others use it for waste to energy plants and oil production.
       Its impact would be seen on oceans with less plastic waste and would help combat plastic jeopardy in a sustainable & holistic way.
iii) It suggests that India’s trajectory of plastic production was increasing.
iv) The upward trend of the graph indicates India’s trajectory of plastic consumption and waste would increase.


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