Based on your understanding of the passage, answer three questions given below:

(i) What does the writer mean by visible source of annoyance?

(ii) Why did people demand a ban on plastics ?

(iii) What created a demand for plastics in India?

 (i) By visible source of annoyance the writer means that by 1994, plastic bottles increased to such a number that one could see them everywhere in shops and in the litter and junk piles. The waste generated thereby gained attention since plastic bottles were non-biodegradable.

(ii) People demanded a ban on plastics because they were concerned about the state of public sanitation and waste management issues.

(iii) The demand for plastics in India was mainly created due to rapid urbanisation, the spread of retail chains, and an increase of products like cosmetics and other consumer items in the market that came with plastic packaging. 

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