Beautiful hand crafted articles like boxes and toys are made of paper pulp in our country. Can you explain how paper pulp which is made from paper can be used to make hard boxes and other articles?  

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The technique is called Paper Mache, where, beautiful articles are made from paper pulp.
To make the paper pulp, the paper is taken in the form of newspapers, coloured papers, waste chart papers etc. The papers are then cut or torn into small pieces, and kept in a utensil.Then some hot water is poured over the papers to make them soft. Once they become soft, they are put in small batches in a grinder to convert them into a thick paste. During this process, white adhesive, glue or starch is added to the mixture, so that a smooth paste is formed. This paper pulp is then put or casted over moulds of desired shapes, for example a bowl, and then dried in sun. After hardening, in the sun the cast is removed and painted, coloured and decorated  according to the requirement.



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Paper pulp is a useful item for crafting objects such as bowls, boxes and figurines. It can be in ways similar to clay, papier m?ch? or salt dough.
Method One of Four:
Preparing the newspaper
1 Tear numerous strips of newspaper. To make a decent amount of pulp, you'll want enough dry newspaper to fill about a quarter to a half a bucket.
2 Tear the strips into small pieces. The smaller pieces should measure approximately 2cm/1 inch but don't be too fussy, just as long as they're small.
You can cut the pieces if you find this easier. It's fine either way.
3 Fill a bucket at least a quarter of the way with the torn pieces
Breaking down the paper
Pour hot water into the bucket. Add enough to cover all of the pieces.
Let cool. As it cools, the water will soak into all of the newspaper, softening it and beginning the breakdown of the paper fibers.
Once cooled, mash the pieces together. A wooden spoon is ideal for doing this. Have fun pushing it down and stirring it around.
Processing the pulp
Once the pulp turns mushy, it's ready to process.
Divide the paper pulp into small batches. Your food processor will only be able to handle a small amount at a time, so don't rush this part.
Process in the food processor in small batches. Each processing should end in a smooth pulp. Remove each smoothly processed batch and set aside.
Place the processed pulp into a sieve. Press down hard to remove all liquid.
Method Four of Four:
Finishing the pulp
Add one cup of PVA glue to the pulp in a bowl. Mix well. The pulp is now ready to use for sculpting or similar work.
If you're not ready to use it straight away, it can be stored. The pulp will keep in a container in the refrigerator for a few days.
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