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Explain about  Archimedes' Screw and its uses in day to day life with the help of proper diagrams  in simple words in about 150 to 200 words. 

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Archimedes' Screw: It is also known as Screw Pump.

Construction & Design-
  • It consists of a screw of helical design with a central cylindrical shaft which is present inside a hollow pipe.
  • A geared motor is used to rotate the shaft which in turn rotates the screw.
  • As the helical screw moves/rotates its bottom-end scoops up some volume of water or any liquid, towards the upper-end.
  • The most important application of Screw pump is that it is used for the transportation of water for irrigation purposes.
  • It is also used for dewatering mines and other low-lying areas.
  • It also has a major role in sewage treatment plants as its rate of flow can be altered/changed and it can also move water with solid suspended particles.
Images of Archimedes' Screw/Screw Pump:
Image result for Archimedes screw in irrigation
Image result for Archimedes screw

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