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Explain Philon Robot  in simple words in about 150 to 200 words. 

{Please don't provide any web link or certified answer or also don't provide an copy pasted answer from any source on internet like from WIKIPEDIA ... I want only experts answer because this is my activity in form of homework that would be evaluated ... If there would be direct copy paste from internet my marks may be deducted.  ... Experts, Kindly Answer... } ​​​

Dear student,
Philon's robot is a mechanical device whose prototype is made in a female(maid) character.
It is mainly based on the idea of the great mathematician Philon.
It is used for pouring wine in the exact amount along with the water in a glass placed on its left hand.
The right-hand consists of a jar containing two compartments, one of water and other of wine.
When the glass is placed on the other hand then due to the effect of gravity the water and wine get poured automatically into the empty glass.


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