benzene and toulene form ideal solution. at certain temperature the vapour pressure of pure benzene is 200 torrr and that of the value of toulene is 100torr. calculate the vapour pressure of the solution containing equal weights of two substance at this temperature

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Moles =MassMolar massLet the mass of toluene=mass of benzene = w gMolar mass of benzene = 78 g/molMolar mass of toluene = 92 g/molTherefore, Total moles=Moles of benzene + Moles of toluene = w78+w92=170w78×92Mole fraction of bezene =Moles of benzeneTotal moles=w78170w78×92or, XA = w78×78×92170 w=92170= 0.541Mole fraction of toluene =1-0.541=0.459Partial vapour pressure of benzene = P°benzene×Xbenzene                                                              =200×0.541                                                              =108.2 torrPartial vapour pressure of toluene = P°toluene×Xtoluene                                                              =100×0.459                                                              =45.9 torrTotal vapour pressure of solution=108.2+45.9=154.1 torr

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