"Bholi choose a dignified life of service rather than surrendering herself to a greedy old man for the rest of a life". How? Do you agree this? (BHOLI).

Dear student,

Education gives purpose to life and is an answer to all the social ills. Education helps us to differentiate between right and wrong. Education gives us the courage and confidence to live with pride. Bholi lacks confidence in her life because of her disabilities. She is silent, weak-minded and her stammer does not let her progress. 
School changed her life completely. Bholi overcame her personal barrier with the help of her teacher. Her teacher gave the teachings with love and kindness which helped Bholi to have faith in herself. She studied hard and grew into a confident young lady. She became aware of her rights and refused to marry a man who demanded dowry. Thus, being educated changed Bholi's life.


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