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Drishti , asked a question
Subject: English , asked on 22/7/12

 bio sketch of charles chuck hooper 

Rupinder Singh , added an answer, on 24/7/12
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Born on 12 March, 1923, Charles Edward Hooper, more commonly called Chuck by his best friends, was one of the most efficient sales manager of Beta Chemicals Ltd. with its headquarters in Washington. Educated in Eton and Harward, Charles Hooper tried his luck in three chemical companies as secretaries but could not make any fortune. It was in 1950, August, that Hooper joined Beta’s Florida division as zone sales manager, a bit sophisticated designation for a man of his age. Things were going pretty well for Chuck in the years that followed but in 1953 he was hospitalized following an unfortunate road accident. 

After this autumnal tragedy, Hooper remained in the hospital and later at his home in Northern Florida for months. Out of a critical list to a wheelchair, home and through loneliness, Hooper counted his worst days through uncertainties. Having made the most impossible comeback in America’s history, on 4 January, 1955, Chuck resumed job and soon worked as a normal man. It is to be remembered that his dear pet, Duke, had a remarkable role in his comeback. The most memorable incident in Hooper’s life Duke’s death on 12 October, 1957. 

Though Chuck’s life after Duke’s death was pitiful, he proved to be a man of great determination and strength. The company’s appointing him as the Assistant National Sales Manager tells nothing but this. Chuck Hooper retired in 1999 and lived a few more happy years with his second wife Mary Hooper and two sons, Vicky and Roger till he breathed his last in 2012, 30 December.

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