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Give reasons :

1. Meiosis is known as reduction division.
2. There is no aster formation in plant cells. 
3. Formation of proteins before mitotic division is essential.
4. Meiosis helps in evolution. 

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1. Meiosis is known as the reductional division because it results in the reduction of the chromosome number to half. This type of cell division mainly occurs in the gametes (gametic meiosis). In some plants, it also takes place in the zygote (zygotic meiosis). As far as your doubt is concerned, the first phase of the meiosis (i.e. meiosis I) results in the reduction of chromosome number, thus it is called the reductional division. The second phase of meiosis (i.e. Meiosis II - is most similar to the mitosis) does not undergo any reduction in chromosome number. Thus, it is called the equational division. 

4. The crossing over in the Prophase I of meiosis brings about the changes in the genome. These changes in the genome are inherited by the offspring which leads to variations in traits. These variation in traits are the basis of evolution.

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