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l) All the parts of the body that help in the transportation of various materials in the body, collectively constitute the ____________________
2) ____________________and ____________________are lymphatic organs. 
3) Lymph consists of only ____________________
4) Blood is slightly ____________________with pH ____________________
5) The science that deals with the study of blood is called ____________________
6) ____________________is an unstable bright red compound for med between haemoglobin and xygen.
7) ____________________ is an unstable compound of C02 and haemoglobin. 
8) The fluid part of the blood is called____________________. 
9) ____________________and____________________of blood are called the formed elements.
10) Maintenance of the internal environment constant is called ____________________
11) ____________________is the denucleated cell in the mammalian blood.
12) Haemoglobin is present in the ____________________of the RBCs. 
13) In adults erythrocytes are produced in the ____________________.
14) The life span ofRBC is ____________________days
15) ____________________ and ____________________are bile pigments. 
16) Increase in RBC count is called ____________________.
17) The ____________________shape of erythrocytes increases the surface area for the absorption. 
18) Increase in the number of leucocytes is called____________________. 
19) The nucleus of leucocytes ____________________are kidney shaped. 
20) ____________________produce antibodies. 
21) Agranulocytes have single large ____________________
22) Acidophils have ____________________shaped nucleus. 
23) Basophils are produced in ____________________


Dear student.

2. Spleen and thymus are the lymphatic organs in humans.
4. Basic, pH of blood is about 7.4.
14. Average life span of RBC is 120 days.
15. bilirubin and biliverdin.

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