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Bonus Question What is the rice elasticit of the firm's supplxyyrve'? d revenue Of Rs.15 Explain the meaning of "increase in supply" and ' 'increase in quantity su lied" with the hel ofa schedule. Define mono 01 . Ex Iain an three causes of emer ence of mono I Distinguish between monopoly and monopolistic competition on any four basis. (210 QI B ONU 4 4 6 istinguish between collusive and non collusive oligopoly. Why fimsunder 6 oli 0 01 are involved in non rice com etition. The following headline appeared in the Times of India, on 28thDecember, 3 2014: ' 'Purchase only made in India gadgets." Use economic theory to analyse the impact of the statement in terms of competition in the dcmestic market.

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